Speed dating high resolution pictures

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It’s important to know tell us about you, unfortunately no one will have the time to read your life bio so keep it tight and relevant… It is way more informative than a 500 word self bio that people skip over, and no one in design is a ninja of anything, unless you are actually a ninja in the traditional sense.

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People don’t mind if you don’t share your Twitter details, but they might judge you if there’s a few dodgy photos kicking around.

We’ve seen a lot of different ways to present case studies and examples of work.

We developed two new approaches for the dating; i.e.

(1) direct dating of zircons selected by LA-ICPMS without conventional resin-mounting/polishing, (2) high speed U-Pb dating, combined with conventional sample preparation procedures using the new equipment with multiple-ion counting detectors (LA-MIC-ICPMS).

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