Dating and fractionation technique

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But after all the pursuing I'm 110% sure she is the right one. which means that they will always work as long as humans (and not robots or aliens) live on planet Earth. simply because a woman's psyche is hard-wired to respond to this stuff.

Second, a lot of men think that they can easily get a woman with their looks and money.

A Tension Loop is when you do something to create unresolved emotional tension inside a woman, increase it, release it by bringing closure to it, and then spark it all over again.

Soap opera writers use Tension Loops to keep women enraptured in their fictitious dramas for months – sometimes years! The soap starts with some kind of conflict or drama, sparking unresolved emotional tension.

Findings from the combined studies include: independent support for benzo( fuel type and combustion conditions on the yields of such species as elemental carbon and PAH, reinforcing the importance of exercising caution when applying presumed conservative elemental or organic tracers to fossil or biomass burning field data as in the first study.

There are two main reasons why men fail in the seduction game.

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