Chat ez

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i use to go to a different chat room and then i tried this one and now I'm addicted to it.

It's one thing to fail in a match of Overwatch, but it takes out all the good sportsmanship when your opponent messages you a mocking "gg ez" (lingo for "Good game. That's why Blizzard has taken to filtering this phrase into very different messages in its latest public testing realm.Welcome to the new home for the US Hilti organization. We have placed cookies on your computer to help make this website better. With Fidelity Bank EZ Statements you’ll receive paper-free, monthly, automatic email notifications when your statement is available for viewing online.I'm gonna give my opinion on it, this is gonna be ONE very LONG post, but you may feel free to share yours. I have been a big supporter to overwatch, bought the origins edition on PC, bought a few loot boxes with real dollars, and I applaud your decision blizzard, to be willing to ban cheaters permanently from your game as if saying "we don't want your business here"but this GG EZ filter, it is hilarious, and you are basically trolling the trolls. but some of the negative respond you got from the minorities of players, can be described by a comment someone made online in an article about this GG ez filter i found on facebook."blizzard makes a small chance, one that would ONLY affect toxic players, to have a bit of fun, and yet people are still upset about it.Please, continue to say that it's blizzard being oversensitive"You see I been playing this game on and off, and I really don't like people who say GG EZ, cause most of the time, it is the player who did the least in the team. ESPECIALLY my own team because I do not want to be seen as an ! However I am partly at fault for using GG EZ as well, but it only happened ONCE, when a guy say GG EZ after the first round of "control", but the next 2 rounds my team beat his team flat, and then I use it, let's just say he went berserk all of a sudden. But I only use it if the other person was an A hole.

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