Dating a canadian soldier

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Florence Heene first saw this photo of the man she believes is her father (left) when she was a child.

The probe continues, with no specified end date, a Canadian Forces spokesperson said, long after most Canadian soldiers have left Afghanistan and nearly five years after a board of inquiry was convened on Nov. During the summer of 2008, the Star reported that some Canadian soldiers who had returned from Afghanistan had sought counseling to cope with feelings of guilt because they had not stopped incidents of child abuse.

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service is an independent military police unit and has a mandate to investigate “serious and sensitive” matters relating to National Defence property, its employees and Canadian Forces personnel.

The NIS was formed after one of the darkest chapters in the history of the Canadian military: the 1993 Somalia affair, in which members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment beat to death a Somali teenager.

She was rummaging through a box of photos in her home in Eeklo, Belgium, and noticed most were pictures of soldiers.

When she asked her mother who they were, she was told they were uncles.

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