Robert wagner stefanie powers dating

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Michael Sylvestre, a voice stress analyst used a police tool called the Psychological Stress Evaluation to review Robert Wagner’s statements about his wife’s death. Sylvestre believes that Wagner is lying about the circumstances surrounding Natalie Wood’s death and is covering up something.

He went so far as to says it’s a “strong possibility that Robert Wagner murdered Natalie Wood.” Wagner has stated that his wife slipped off the boat step leading to the water and accidentally drowned.

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For the purpose of generating publicity, he was sent out by the studio on many fake dates with beautiful rising starlets like Debra Paget and Lori Nelson, but unbeknownst to almost anyone at the time, he was actually dating Barbara Stanwyck, his co-star in 1953's who was more than twice his age, for four years.

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1954 brought new roles and a new mentor in the form of screen legend Spencer Tracy.

"I got some very good breaks with Fox," he recalls, starting with a two-scene part as a shell-shocked veteran opposite Susan Hayward in 1952's .

A big part of Wagner's popular appeal was his dashing appearance and unmistakable charisma, which proved to be catnip to the ladies.

Tracy requested that RJ be loaned out from Fox to co-star in "Broken Lance" which lead to "White Feather", "A Kiss Before Dying", and another role with Tracy in "The Mountain".

It’s been 34 years since the suspicious drowning death of Natalie Wood in 1981 and, according to the National Enquirer, new lie detector analysis reveals that her husband Robert Wagner is lying about her death.

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