Accommodating behaviour

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I take the ten most common rabbit behaviour problems and explain the reasons behind them and, most importantly, how to resolve them.

The following problems are covered: In Understanding Your Rabbit's Habits, I start by introducing bunny body language - the subtle postures and body movements that give away what your rabbit is thinking and feeling.

To help you understand these rabbit behaviours better I've put them into context.

Our rabbits might be spoilt pets, but their ancestors were wild animals and that has a big impact on how they behave.

Family accommodation is the modifications made by an individual to alleviate distress of another who is suffering from OCD.

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To make sure we comply with the Housing Act 2004, Accommodation Essex adhere to the UUK Student Accommodation Code, which has been designed to protect your rights to safe, good quality university-managed accommodation.

All our single accommodation is arranged into self-catering flats with fully equipped shared kitchens.

Use our interactive 360 degree tours of the Colchester Campus to see inside our accommodation residences. The facilities can be older in some areas compared with others as we have a rolling schedule of refurbishment works across campus.

Once you take into consideration how a wild rabbit lives, it is much easier to understand the motivations behind some of our pet rabbit's odd habits.

Burgundy School of Business does not own or manage student accommodation but the International Office can help you look for the best options.

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