Dating a crack addict

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Around the same time I started the relationship, I was hired to write about addiction and mental health.

This job was a great tool because it allowed me to educate myself on addiction and open my mind even further.

In the beginning of December my cousin's fiance (Tiffany) informed me that her cousin (Jeff) wanted to start talking to me again. I gave the go ahead that he could start calling me so he did, through his mother, on 3-way. Me not being a stupid person, knew that that wasn't what had just happened.

Beside that, I want someone that would be a good mother for my children.

I was slightly concerned it would not be the right match.

After all, only another addict could express the same empathy and support, and surely, I would not be able to provide that, right? Fortunately, the recovering addict/non-addict relationship can be quite a healthy one.

I was working 1 full time job where I had been for the previous 7 years. We loved our location and were ready to start our new life. One night we went out, and after that never talked again until 3 years later. No matter what, after our split, I always had strong feelings for him. In October 2012 I decided, after being unhappy for some time and a huge arguement, that it was best if we separated. 2 days later we found out that he was being released. Left for work the next morning from there and ended up back when I got off. Jeff went in with her and claimed he was using the restroom.

It wasn't healthy for us, our relationship, and most definitely our sons. So what was supposed to be a 15 minute visit turned to a 40 minute visit. At that point I made the decision to dedicate myself to him and only him. His mom and him had gotten into an argument and I offered him to come to my house. I was sitting in the car for a few minutes when I seen him out of my rear view.

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