Who is charmaine sheh dating soweto dating online

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After parking her car on the nearby street, she quickly walked into a restaurant to meet up with her ex-manager Tina.

The two had a table full of gourmet food, and chatted nonstop for over 2 hours.

In the recent month, Charmaine Sheh and TVB ended their relationship.

With no contract on hand, she currently does not have work, so she's just relaxing in Hong Kong and recharging.

The first time I saw Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow pairing was in Hard Fate.

I remembered Niki Chow liked Kevin Cheng and kept on texting him and he was annoyed.

Social media was abuzz when news broke recently of actress Fiona Xie having a new beau - rapper Julien Leo - mostly because she is much older than him.

Xie, who is hosting the sixth season of Channel 5's home-makeover show Renovaid, is 35 years old, while Leo, son of high fashion retailer Tina Tan-Leo, is 21. The 14-year age gap does not appear to be an issue for the couple, going by a recent lovey-dovey photo of them which he posted on Instagram.

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To the memories we've made and to the adventures that await us! The actress, who once dated former actor Robin Leong, made her acting debut in Channel 5 drama, Growing Up (1996-2001) and has starred in Channel 8 dramas such as Home In Toa Payoh (2003) and The Champion (2004).During this one year, there were a lot of misunderstanindg.Claire Yiu stirred up trouble by fooling Niki that she is dating Kevin.At 11pm, Charmaine and Tina appeared walking out of the restaurant.The two walked together along the side to pick up their cars still chatting away.

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