Random ichat sex

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WTFI can't believe that even a Russian could drink enough to make this seem like a good idea.

Two Russian tourists who challenged a Florida law prohibiting sexual relationship with a porcupine have had to undergo a lengthy treatment for genital inflammation. Petersburg, were spending their vacation in the United States with a group of friends, website reports.

Additionally, your baby is able to start seeing the difference light and dark, and may even be making cute little facial expressions.

(These are all involuntary at this point.) Many physicians will also schedule a sneak peek ultrasound around week 16 of pregnancy.

I had a doctor come up to me a few weeks ago and tell me that he wanted me to run his clinic while his regular person is gone on maternity leave. I thought this was innocent until he started texting me that night asking about what I did for fun, telling me he owed me a beer, and then said me that since another boss had eaten his cupcake (off of his desk), I “owed him a goodie…next Wednesday sounds good, you know where to find me.” My husband and I were very offended by this text.Anyway, lesson learnt, I won’t be texting him for a bit of casual affirmation again anytime soon.In fact, next time I want some casual flirting, I’ll try and do it IRL, or at the very least on Skype.And yes, if you choose to find out the gender, the ultrasound at this point will be able to give you a fairly accurate guess of whether you are having a boy or a girl. You aren’t likely feeling cumbersome and will likely rather enjoy the subtle roundness of your belly.If you want to find out the sex, you might want to wait until week 18 for the big ultrasound, just in case your due date is off. Some of the early pregnancy symptoms which you may be glad to see go, will be replaced by some longer-lasting, but not so annoying pregnancy symptoms.

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