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Cattle ranches and farmlands compete with the natural habitat of roaming animals like herds of gazelle and zebras.

Deforestation is a threat to the habitats of great apes in Africa like the lowland Gorilla and Chimpanzee.

SEATTLE—Woodland Park Zoo is giving animal lovers near and far a glimpse into the lives of various species living at the zoo with a new, live animal cam.

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**PRESS RELEASE** February 12, 2013 Zoo’s new roving animal cam goes LIVE behind the scenes- Animal cam now featuring the zoo’s baby tree kangaroo - Gigi Allianic, Caileigh Robertson206.548.2550 | [email protected] Park Zoo's newly-launched roving animal cam currently features the zoo's baby Matschie's tree kangaroo at zoo.org/animalcam.

The live 24/7 webcam will travel around the zoo in the coming months to capture the daily activity of baby animals, behind-the-scenes dens, new species and more.

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