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But financial planners warn that such a strategy is vulnerable to abuse — and the elderly in particular need to be wary of it.

For one-year courses this will be one month before the end of the academic year.

These loans are intended to finance purchases that will quickly and reliably generate cash.

A business might use a self-liquidating loan to purchase extra inventory in anticipation of the holiday shopping season.

Make the Internet work for you and your wallet in the following ways:● Take the time to read and research product reviews to find out what other customers think and whether the product is worth the money.● Check out comparison websites such as Google Shopping and Bizrate.● Before ordering, Google the merchant's web site with the word "coupon" or "promotional code." You may be able to get a discount on your purchase, shipping costs, or both.● If you see “free shipping” understand it’s not always the case.

Instead of following sales, try these shopping tips that can save you money any time.

If you shop slowly online, quickly at the grocery store, and use your credit cards rewards, you could see significant savings without obsessing over coupons.

Consistent with synergies in banking operations, the authors find significant correlations between a bank's productivity through these channels.

The resultant measures indicate that a bank's ability to generate deposits plays a primary role in bank value generation.

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