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The way they were: Sarah Jessica Parker said during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday that reuniting with her former flame Robert Downey Jr., who she dated from 1984 to 1991, was 'really nice' (pictured in Century City in 1990)'It was surprisingly not weird,' she told the host of their reunion.'I guess you spend so many years with someone and we were 18 when we met, and, fundamentally we're sort of the same, do you know what I mean?

Parker has identified culturally with her father's religion, Judaism, although she has had no religious training.Downey recently told Howard Stern, “[Sarah and I] actually had a very conservative relationship considering the fact that she was normal, and I was out of my mind.I did the best I could.” asked Parker to address the relationship with 25 years of perspective, and she compared it to parenting a teenage boy.Robert, 50, informed Howard Stern of his intention to visit Sarah, 50, in October 2014, with Stern inquiring on Tuesday as to how the meeting went, during an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM.'You know, the funny thing too is you always have a perception of somebody that you spent a big chunk of your life with and I think it's typical..."I would say, for Kiefer and I, [we] were almost always in a long-term, committed relationship and he is, and remains, a very disciplined guy despite whatever habits either of us had," he jokes.

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