Weddings dating and love customs of cultures worldwide including royalty

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With around 20 hours of the daily sun, the Swedish wedding was traditionally done during the summer months.Some of the highlights included the bride's head crowned with myrtle leaves representing virginity.The suitor firsts gifts his potential bride with a chain, marking his interest in her.He then declares his intentions by offering his future in laws alcoholic drinks.This wasn’t exclusive to royalty — commoners (and their friends, neighbors, pets…) wanted to get in on the action too, participating in bedding practices of their own as a sign of community blessing.

While many of these marriage rituals focus on the big day, there are just as many dedicated to the bedroom. Here are some of the most, er, interesting wedding night traditions from across the world. Couples in France weren’t the only ones making noise on their wedding night.

If the bride’s parents agree to the union, then the groom must gift the bride with three black cows and two sheep.

The male sheep is slaughtered and its fat is used to decorate the bride’s wedding dress and applied to her head.

When it comes to a marriage the wedding is something we understand very well.

It's something normal to see white wedding gowns, cakes and well-thought decor, tuxedoes, limousines, great food, guests in great outfits and exchanging of vows before a registered officiant.

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