Vb net maskedtextbox validating

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If the user types an invalid input character, no replacement occurs, but instead a beep is issued if the Beep On Error property is set to true, and the Mask Input Rejected event is raised.

You can provide your own custom error logic by handing this event.

Before you submit the email entered to the database, you will validate it if it's a valid email address.

First add the following imports before your Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As System.

This means that as a programmer, you have the power to supply the exact pattern for the input you desire in any text input field. Again, certain special characters are obviously not allowed. NET Tips and Tricks, C# Tips & Tricks, Visual Studio 2010, . NET Tips & Tricks The Masked Text Box class is an enhanced Text Box control that supports a declarative syntax for accepting or rejecting user input.You can use the Prompt Char property to specify a custom prompt character.If a character other than the prompt character is typed, the literal will automatically be skipped and the input character will be applied to the next editable position, represented by the next prompt character.Well, sometimes a good structured and thought out If statement can suffice, but it can become quite long and cumbersome in the future. By using Regular Expressions this way, you can reduce the chances of getting errors at erratic times. This sub checks the email's format and if it thinks that it matches, it returns True and vice versa.

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