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In Week 4 after the boys failed the Secrets Task they were all up for eviction, Ho H Jase saved himself and replaced himself with Iris.She then survived public vote after she received 38% of votes to save.The London-born 20-year-old, who clearly hopes to propel his tunes into the charts after the summer said: 'I know a few of the Coronation Street people, Hollyoaks people, Made in Chelsea and TOWIE people.'While 24-year-old Mancunian Sarah Greenwood claims she's 'not a team player' and polyamorous model Jade-Martina Lynch, 24, is hoping to shake things with her antics, it's safe to say that nothing will come close to creating the same sort of national excitement as 'Nasty' Nick Bateman did in series one.Nick Bateman became the most hated man in the UK as he tried to sway his other housemates' votes by scribbling on scraps of paper in an effort to stay within the rules banning contestants from discussing voting.In Week 5 he faced eviction after his fellow housemates nominated him and he survived eviction after receiving 22% of votes to save.In Week 6 he faced eviction again in a row after nominations were tallied he was evicted on Day 42 after only receiving 25% of votes to save. In Week 1 the housemates in the Main House would decide which Chambermate would join then, she only received 2 votes out of 12.When the show launched on Channel 4 in the early Noughties, hosted by Davina Mc Call, the focus was on broadcasting a social interaction experiment, recruiting regular members of the public with everyday jobs such as broker Nick Bateman, yoga instructor Sada Walkington and farmer Tom Mc Dermott.Chloe Wilburn, 25, from Doncaster claims to be a 'treated like a local celebrity' when she holidays in Benidorm and budding musician Matthew Clarkson - known as Cristian - can't seem to stop name-dropping.

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The couple were seen quarreling after a shopping mall after Lexi and Mandla had a disagreement over what how to spend the money that they had.She then faced eviction in Week 7 when she was one of the 5 housemates who were conspiring against Lexi which is against the rules.She survived public vote after receiving 11% of votes to save.But I'm only writing this not because I hate Wally West, but I just need answers on who Iris West's brother really is.Let's take a quick look at both their backstories shall we? How Daniel West became The Reverse-Flash is actually pretty cool, both a Rogues attack and the speed force gave him his powers, an incident happened with the speed force which led it to granting superspeed abilities to several individuals, Daniel West included.

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    What does exist -- at least for many people -- is a person who you know instinctively, who you connect with on the deepest level and who allows you to grow as a person within the relationship.