Colton haynes dating holland lawyers client intimidating

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" Now, after rehab for his anxiety so severe it sent him to the hospital several times in months, he finally felt free enough to confirm the speculations. ) But now that he has, it almost seems as if his totally understandable fears may have been unwarranted.

That's because, for fans at least, his sexual orientation is more than a non-event--it's a trait they're willing to embrace both in real life and in fiction.

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The couple just got engaged on Saturday night (March 11) while on vacation in Mexico.

Does this somehow mean Colton swings both ways or does he really even have a girlfriend?

The answer to those questions is the subject of much speculation as is the question about who Colton Haynes might be dating.

The duo both shared videos on their individual Instagram Stories. Colton just revealed in late February that he and Jeff were dating.

We’ve heard more celebrity dating rumors in the past few years than we can count, but it seems that NO ONE has had more rumored girlfriends than Colton Haynes!

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