Impractical jokers speed dating

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read more This is a clip from a A&E pilot I did for T-Group Productions.

It stars comedian Ian Bagg, who goes to work for his family’s fishing business in rural Virginia. read more This is a pilot I directed/showran with North South for VH1.

The show featured four beautiful and bad-ass girls from Canada who make money answering Craigslist ads and filming them with hidden cameras.

They keep score on who can’t fulfill their tasks and then at the end there is a bigger challenge/consequence waiting.

She is pawn of the Army of the 12 Monkeys (the organization that wants to start the plague), but they seem to be brainwashing her into believing this is her destiny (we should mention Jennifer's a little unstable. Ramse and Cole have been on the run for three months now, disagreeing about what to do next.

She can take any idea you have and turn it into a masterpiece! Q is a former firefighter, having served with the FDNY for eight years.At one point, Q suffered from serious encephalitis and meningitis.Kalman, an old friend of Ramse's from Markridge (the people who made the virus) and asks him to come help Ramse. Kalman operates on Ramse in the sewer, he also injects Ramse with a serum that paralyzes him. Kalman is going to deliver Ramse to the Army of the 12 Monkeys in exchange for protection from the virus. She offers him medicine from the past if he will help her escape the Messenger's holding cell. It stops any more Messengers from going through and kills the rest of them who haven't already gone back in time.This is a hidden camera pilot I directed/showran with Penn Jillette for Travel Channel.

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