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After he graduated high school in 1995, Mc Millin left to attend Ball State University.You won't find Ball State listed in his official biography though, because Mc Millin left the school in the spring of 1996 after members of the baseball team accused him of stealing from the parking lot fees.Undoubtedly, the most important source of information outside of the records and newspapers was to be found in the scrap books and miscellaneous data furnished by Miss Jennie Miller, of Brookville. Miller, was an indefatigable collector of data covering all phases of Franklin county history and at his death had the best collection of local historical data in the county. Miller was an invalid from his boyhood, yet, despite his inability to get around, he amassed a wonderful amount of material touching the history of the county. 267 Assessors, County 243 Auditors, County 238 B Baltimore .. 5.12 323 Baptist Churches 435 Bar of Franklin County 236 Bath .120. 529 Bath Township- Assessor's Returns 267 44a 446 Draft of 1862 309 First Events 118 117 Mills 119 117 Natural Features __ 117 Omccrs . 538 First Agricultural Society 264 First Circuit Court 225 First County Court 232 First Court House 102 First Events in Franklin County 552 First Grand Jury . Greensburg 530 H Hamburg — Church 421 Platting 173. Political History 52 Population Statistics 52 Territory. 119) and Dearborn (11.468.) During the next decade Franklin county passed through a terrible crisis and hundreds of its best jeople left the county, yet the census of 1830 gave it a population of 10.990. The census of Franklin county by decades since 1880 is as follows : Digitized by Google Conn Elf S VI ll c Unto* Posey Bath i I Brook vi/Llc / — ~t — VY }*Yr £ /Water Franklin Countv o« Jucy Il»/I6#li Digitized by Google / Umion / Pos Ey * / Bath f / i i I 1 1 Tf MNifii N County °* M*yi2..i Bi7. Court procedure was materially changed by the i8i( Constitution and was really made simpler. The other pair of local attorneys to wage a personal combat in the spring of 181 7 was James Xoble and Stephen C. They, too, met on the field of battle and were later fined five dollars for engaging in such bellicose activi- ties. The definition of the limits of these townships and the ordering oi an election in each township for justices of the peace was all the business transacted by them at their first session. All of these changes are set forth in detail in the history of the various townships.

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No charges were ever filed against Mc Millin despite his obvious culpability in the case.I provide a safe & judgement-free environment to process & address sexual identity and sexual lifestyle.I provide counseling services in the following: Relationship/Marital/Pre-Marital, Sexual Addiction, Sexual Therapy, Sexual Dysfunctions, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Parenting, Teen Issues, Grief, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Self-esteem, Work Issues, and Life Changing Events. On June 12, 2012, Smith pleaded guilty to three counts of a four-count bill of information charging him and his co-conspirator, Jason Snelling, 48, Cincinnati, with crimes arising out of their operation of a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme.Finally, Smith admitted that he committed tax evasion by failing to report the embezzled investor funds as income on his tax returns for the tax year 2008 and additional tax years.

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